Rodent Control


All rodents should be treated promptly as they can carry disease and destroy property.



Mice are quick runners, good jumpers and climbers, which  makes them hard to trap and catch. To many times field mice are the ones that enter your garage or home and need to be taken care of when you discover them or theirdroppings.

Pack Rats:

Pack rats are known for stealing shiny, bright objects to collect and decorate their home with. They are also known for chewing through wiring in your vehicle or your home. Pack rats will build messy nests on your property and should be elimnated.

Roof Rats:

Roof rats are usually dark colored with very long hairless tails. They only need a hole the size of a quarter to enter a home and they are very good climbers. Outside, roof rats will nest in trees, woodpiles, garbage, and plants. They are attracted to citrus trees and the fruit left on the ground.


Gophers cause damage to landscaping and irrigation systems.  They eat grasses plants roots and bulbs.  Gophers should be treated as soon as they are discovered.  As of June 2018 now offering Burrow X machine as an option to Eliminate Gophers and Ground Sq. contact office for details.


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