Our customers decide when, where and how often they want service! Residential customers are not required to sign a contract.  Service is at your convenience.

Being experts at keeping people safe from pests for over 35 years, we highly recommended and encourage all properties to have monthly pest control, every month for the most protection and prevention from pests. 

-Our monthly pest control services have a 21 day warranty.  If you decide not to have monthly pest protection, there is NO warranty for pest control.  Call for more details.

We treat inside, including garage, spray the exterior around your home using high grade chemicals.  We offer specialty services including tick, flea, scorpions, bees, and gophers.

Our trained office staff will assist you in planning and scheduling the most effective treatment for your home and your particular pest problems.  Our staff and technicians strive to offer you the most complete and effective customer service possible.

We offer “Green” programs and methods of treatment using the IPM approach.  Integrated Pest Management is a method of working with the customer to prevent infestations using home seals, clearing exterior area of debris and stored items, sanitation conditions etc.  IPM uses less chemicals and concentrates on prevention infestation.

We take pride in pleasing and accommodating our customers.