Home Seal

Home Seal Service:
With a home seal service from City Wide Pest Control, it will help eliminate insect/rodent problems before they start.  All  new and existing homes are vulnerable.  Home seals can be an important tool in pest prevention for your home.  A mouse or roof rat only needs a quarter sized whole to get into your home, so smaller bugs such as scorpions, roaches, bees etc need a much smaller area to get into your home. 
 A home seal service includes: 
·         Seal all plumbing clean outs
·         Under kitchen and bathroom cabinets
·         Seal all electrical & plumbing protrusions
·         Seal vents and screen coverings where insects can enter your home as well
.     Seal and screen stove vents, washer lines, and dryer vents, exhaust fans located in bathrooms and laundry room.
Exterior & Garage:
·         Seal exterior base of home where weep screed & stem wall meet
·         Seal exterior light fixtures and any hole in the walls.
·         Seal around water fixtures and protrusions
·         All electrical boxes that enter your home and A/C electrical boxes
.    Seal garage wall where stem wall and sheetrock
.   Seal any holes in drywall where A/C pipes may enter walls in utility closets
.   Any gaps around windows, doorframes, garage door, other trip and moldings, weather stripping if needed.
      How to keep Scorpions and other pests from entering your home.  Examples of this would include:  Keeping property clean, removing harborages, wood piles, leaves, debris, rocks, trees, buses or anything stored or rubbing against the home. It is known that 90% of pests enter the home from the exterior.  Our specialized trained technicians will treat and seal those entry points that pest use to invade your home.  Our customized home seal program will help prevent this invasion, although it doesn't guarantee that you will never see a pest again, it does prevent up to 90% of the unwanted pests


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